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Whoever you once were you’ve left behind. A shared debt has brought you all together as a caravan of failures - travelling, trading and adventuring. Striving to begin again in the kaleidoscopic horizons of the Ultraviolet Grasslands. 

Into the Grasslands is an Into the Odd hack of the Ultraviolet Grasslands. Merging the rules from ITO and the setting of UVG.


  • Core rules for play
  • Rules for caravanning, carousing & character advancement
  • 10 UVG themed failed careers

Into the Grasslands is still a work in progress with more failed careers, rules for magic and further tools planned for release. Please let me know if you've got any feed back. 

This is not a full game. The Ultraviolet Grasslands is needed to use this book. Also owning Into the Odd or Electric Bastionland is useful for the additional information and advice in those books.


Into The Grasslands 0.3.pdf 6 MB


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Is this still being worked on? I'd love to see rules for magic and more failed careers.

Unfortunately not right now. The game I'm running that used this system has shifted to an original setting that I'm working on. At some point I'm going to hope to be releasing stuff for that including more failed carers, magic rule and much more that will mostly be adaptable with Into the Grasslands.  

Hey this looks excellent! I think I possibly noticed an error? On page 6 under Turns it is stated that players may "take one action (...) and make one movement before any and all opposition do the same". My understanding was that everyone's actions in Into The Odd/Electric Bastionland were simultaneous? The second sentence about making a DEX save to act first would also support that.


That wasn't my interpretation of the rules. I think it's clarified a bit in the newer version of Into the Odd. "Generally the Players take their turn before any enemies. If there is a risk of being surprised, characters must each roll a DE X Save or be unable to act on the first turn. On their turn, Players can act in any order they wish."

You are completely correct. Back when I had made this comment I had misunderstood the rules.

You had me sold at the frontpages.


Ha thanks, let me know what you think once you've read through. Would be great to get some feedback!